If you're feeling at a loss with your currently style or texture, come chat with us, two curly heads are better than one. It's easy to feel helpless when you have curly hair-- whether your curls are natural, or the texture has become curly due to a pregnancy, illness or medication. We have curls ourselves at Southern Blonde and Co., and we love working with them. YOU are one of the lucky ones, curly girl!

You're going to need a few things:

Proper moisture, most likely a protein treatment ($30) -- protein is what you're lacking if you see frizz or your curls aren't tight or smooth anymore. If they have lost their shape, you'll need this. Lasts 24 washes.

A "muscle" --wet styling product. This could be a gel, a mouse, a foam or a cream. Here we use the Aveda Curl Line and it's magic. The muscle is called a muscle because this is what gives your hair it's strength to hold that style. It's also the difference in whether or not you can go two days, three days or more. Ever notice how much better your hair looks if you've dried it after applying the proper cream? That's because you've got a muscle in it.

HAIRCUT. Not just any cut. This specialty cut needs to work for YOUR curls, YOUR busy schedule, YOUR style. You could get a technically good haircut, but if you get home and can't recreate it, that's not a good cut. We will listen to you and create the perfect shape with the perfect amount of little to no maintenance. That's because we put the styling work into the actual cut, making your job very minimal.

An appointment: scoot back to the home page and follow the link. Book for a haircut (and protein treatment, that's under color.) Welcome to your new home, curly girly!